Beach volleyball provides an amazing opportunity for youth today. The sport is the fastest growing in the history of the NCAA and the most popular sport to watch during the Olympics. More importantly beach volleyball is a lifetime sport that provides all people the opportunity to participate in a highly social, highly active, fun and rewarding experience. At the AVP Academy we pride ourselves in helping youth across the U.S. be introduced to the sport, learn the game, play competitively and reach their potential on and off the court.

The AVP Academy is perfect for new players. Through our dedicated coaching staff, standardized training methods created by pro and olympic coaches, positive feedback approach in order to foster constant improvement we provide a youth sports experience unlike any other.

New beach volleyball players can expect to:

  • Have a great first experience with the game
  • Learn successful training methods the first time
  • Make new friends and gain great experience
  • Build their confidence in sports and daily life
  • Explore their potential

AVP Academy is growing nationwide. Check out our locations page to see if and when we will locations in your area. Interested in growing the game of beach volleyball in your area, click here to learn more about our partners programs