AVP Academy will provide its athletes with a comprehensive sports psychology education and implementation program. Using the M.E.N.T.A.L. Skills Development Program, designed specifically for the AVP Academy, our athletes will be equipped with the necessary tools to manage any performance challenges they encounter.

This program is designed by experts in the industry experienced in working with athletes in various sports, ranging from juniors to adults, at every level, from amateur to Olympics.  Having specific experience with beach volleyball players and teams allows them to fully understand the unique dynamic that exists in the sport and create a program that addresses the necessary areas to better manage any challenges that they may face.

Each AVP Academy will also have access to parent education workshops that integrate with the player’s program.  This will allow the parent’s to better understand the challenges that their children face and continue to assist in their development of using the proper mental skills to manage those challenges.

Not only are the AVP Academy players and parents being educated throughout their enrollment, but all of the AVP Academy coaches will be required to participate in Sports Psychology Coach Education workshops in order to provide a higher level of assistance to their athletes.  These workshops are designed to help coaches integrate a mental skills application aspect to their practices.  If athletes are exposed to practice situations that are intended to trigger specific responses the Sports Psychology Program is targeting, then during that time period, the coach can work in concert with the sports psychology team to accelerate the athletes development in those areas.